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Emanuel A.

I started getting letters in the mail offering to buy my house and the first company gave me an offer too good to be true. It turns out a lot of these companies try to sell your contract to others and then lower the price later. I wasted a lot of time. Do business with a real company in person like Real Offer Now so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Laura M.

My house was a mess and I was embarrassed but due to health issues I had to sell it. The people here are nice and didn’t judge me or my house. They explained things and made it so simple for me even helping me donate some belongings to charity so I could move.

Konradu M.

I recommend Cecilia to sell a house to. She was very nice and gave me exactly what we were looking for. I had offers from realtors but they all thought I should get the house ready but I couldn’t.

Erin A.

I just called and signed the contract the same day. They were higher than the other company and then I moved a month later and left anything I didn’t want behind. It was very easy.

Walter R.

The house had leaking roof and ceilings falling in. They bought it no questions asked. No way I would have done it differently. A great experience.

Carlos L.

Harmony Holdings contacted me by mail. I had no idea such a service existed to sell a house in bad shape. I live in Arkansas and didn’t want to drive down and figure out how to get the house ready. They took care of that and I only needed to leave my house to get a notary they handled the rest.

Ethan T.

This company was able to accept my having a family member living in the house who didn’t take care of it and worked with me so I could sell it. I am thankful they would not judge me and be patient in my time of need. I can’t thank them enough for helping me sell my parent’s house.

Eliot N.

Learn from my mistake. Don’t waste time with inspection periods some of these companies are scams. Real Offer Now bought the house and actually got me money where no one else would.

Ramon C.

These are honest people who you get to meet and will help you get your house sold. I had a long legal case and stubborn relative who wouldn’t cooperate but with patience by all we got the house sold. Thank you realoffernow

Fredrick R.

I wanted to sell a house quick that needed lots of repairs and updates. They came out and gave me good price and I went to the title company and got my check and didn’t have to move for 2 weeks after the sale.

Naomi R.

I’d recommend Harmony Holdings/ Realoffernow if you have a house you want to sell without having to make repairs or updates. I did my homework and this company is the only one Id deal with around here.

Mary C.

My overall experience selling my house went well. Cecilia came out and was very polite and professional. I got a very fair offer compared to other companies I had out. The day I was suppose to sign all the paperwork and get my check was a day late though because banks were closed for a holiday. Reply

Kevin R.

Professional, reasonable, and efficient. I would be happy to work with them again.

Anita A.

These guys are the best. They took a stressful situation I was in to sell a house that needed work and made it as easy as possible. I called after I received a letter and talk to a lady name Cecilia and she gave me the best offer I had received by far and was a pleasure to work with.

Melvin C.

I spent way too much time waiting for a realtor to try to sell my house, I always wondered how Id pull it off since I needed cash to move. I called 5 people I had received letters from over the years and Cecilia and her staff gave me the best offer and made selling my house much easier then I expected. I just showed up at the title company and picked up my check, took the money to buy a new place and then moved out. Perfect..

Laurie S.

I don’t live in Tampabay area but had to sell a house there that the tenant did not treat nicely. They bought the house in its current condition and gave me a good price. I never had to travel to go there it was all done by mail and phone calls very quickly

Lottie B.

I highly recommend Cecilia and Phil at Harmony Holdings. I went on their website got a fair offer and had cash from the sale in a week.

Michael M.

I was only in town for a short time to get a property I sold that use to be a rental. The old tenants destroyed the place. I kept putting it off then called around and got the best offer from Harmony Holdings and Real Offer Now. They did everything as promised.

Cedric B.

It was stressful to deal with deciding the best way to handle a house I needed to sell. I wish I would have just called these guys first and saved a lot of time and hassle.

Benjamin K.

Cecilia came out after I received a letter and gave me the best offer of all the letters I received and they did exactly as promised. No need to fix up the house they took care of everything.

Jacob M.

It was a perfect experience. It is a pain in the butt to move, I can’t imagine having to sell a house any other way.

Maddy M.

A great experience start to finish

Anette D.

Did exactly as promised, quickest easiest sale of my home possible.

Connor P.

I hope I never have to sell a house again but if I do I would use this company.

Johnnie S.

I thought about selling my house with a realtor but I didn’t want to fix it up or go through that entire process. I got just as my money in the end selling to Phil.

Joseph O.

Cecilia was very polite and professional. She treated me with respect and didn’t judge me for the condition of the property I was selling.

Mike S.

Surprising pleased. I wanted to sell a house that I didn’t want to improve and they got me a super fair offer and I got cash quickly.

Elizabeth T.

Very kind and easy to work with.

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